Guantanmera (Prod. by Ken-I-Produce) 21 Quest
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Hopefully this independence day has been good to all of you, BBQ and beers all around! As a 4th of July Special, allow us to introduce Guantanamera, the first single off of 21 Quest’s upcoming solo album. Paying tribute to spanish tradition with the incorporation of an old spanish anthem into a new sound, 21 set’s the tone for his storytelling verses, giving us insight on the hardships of latin’s growing up in NYC.

CHURCH BOYS! Official Album Release


Executively Produced by Ken-I-Produce

Album Artwork by Kim Alban

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Released on May 31st, this is 85th’s first official album release as a collective. Over 3 years in the making, this album delves into the lives of 6 inner city youth’s and their experiences growing up in New York. From the Boom-Bap feel of their lead single “Infinity” to the thought provoking free-flowing nature of “NiggaBitchFaggot” to the 808 kicks and hi-hats on the trap inspired “Underdog Shit”, this project is sure to attract listeners from a variety of different circles. The only other artist featured on the tape is the group’s child prodigy, Candace Lee Camacho, who alone is an entity to appreciate. “Henny I’m Home” is a love ballad to the infamous Cognac laced with Candace’s jazzy-soul vocals, which sound like every cratediggers dream. With the voice of an old soul, she adds a unique depth to the project, expanding the 85th world with a taste of hers. As a whole, the group is able to personify a brotherhood unique to only them, but at the same time create something relatable anyone. With infectious flows and a message in mind, Church Boys becomes something beyond a composition of music; a sign of great things to come.

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85th hails from Woodhaven, New York and originally started as a large group of friends hanging out on the steps of a local church. 
As they grew up, 6 members started consistently creating music together and thus the long road to Church Boys began. Group members are DC, DGoD, Eleagle, 21 Quest, Matt Cronin, and Ken-I-Produce.






Official cover for our next Project releasing tomorrow!

Cover done by
One Way Out
21 Quest
Artwork by Ghryzly Atoms
Photography by Alberto Vargas

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From the pits of frustration itself, “One Way Out” delves into the mind of a youth trying to come to terms with the growing world around him, only to realize every move he makes puts him deeper into the hole he’s trapped in.
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if you haven’t heard
If you missed it, here’s our new track “N.Y.C. or D.I.E.” by 21 Quest Prod. by J Wes

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Cover art by Kim Alban